Speaking Engagements and Press

2019 Ted Talk in New Westminister, British Columbia

2019 Headlining speaker for CBC junior journalism school

2019 Keynote for Magnet Magazine Conference 

2019 Main Keynote of the Indigenous Women’s Leadership Summitt 

2019 Word Vancouver panelist speaking about diversity in media

2019 Emceeing Dan’s Legacy Chef’s Charity Dinner 

2019 Emceeing Indigenous Women’s Business Summitt 

2019 Moderating Writers Festival panel on genocide with Tanya Talaga and Alicia Elliot

2019 Shaungnessy Cohen Political Book Prize Juror 

2019 Panel moderator on journalists and trauma

2019 Moderating a panel about healing for Nutsamaht 

2018 Main keynote at Surrey Social Innovation Summit

2018 Panel Moderator about Indigenous women in scholarship 

2018 Speaking about the need for Indigenous journalists to press

2017 Spry Memorial Keynote Exchange 

2017 Vancouver Board of Trade moderating conversation with Perry Bellegarde

2017 Keynote for Indigenous journalists’ conference 

2016 The Doctrine of Discovery with John Ralston Saul

2016 Indigenous Artist Angela Sterritt putting Gitxsan people on a map

2016 Meet the Press, featuring Angela Sterritt

2015 Keynote Speech to Waterdown Students

2015 Keynote Speach to Hamilton City Hall about missing and murdered Indigenous women

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